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"I played in California until I was 17 which is rare in this day and age. I was in no rush to leave home until I had to. Cali Camps gave me the platform to compete at the highest level against some of the best players in the region without leaving home. This camp is as good as it gets in terms of competitiveness and exposure. There were dozens of college and junior scouts, including my BCHL gm and University of Denver coach, in attendance and this camp really jumpstart ed my career down the right path."

       -  Beau Bennett / New Jersey Devils

"Skating in the Cali Camp gave the opportunity to showcase my skills in front of scouts and coach of the USHL, Hard to say that I would be where am at had I not done the Cali Camp".

       - Robert Francis / U-Mass Lowell 

"After going to Cali Camps I was contacted by a number of different scouts from different leagues, most notably the Fargo Force of the USHL. By doing the camp I was able to get an

opportunity to earn my spot on a team in the top league in the country. Cali Camps helped me get into the USHL and ultimately helped me get my college commitment".

        - Tyler Maugeri / Princeton University


"Attending Cali Camp was probably one of the smartest caliber decisions I have made in

my hockey career. Besides the high competition, the amount of junior and college scouts

was unbelievable. Cali Camp has opened so many doors for me and is one of the main

reasons I am playing in the USHL this year".

        - Alex Barron / Quinnipiac University

"Cali Camp is the only hockey camp in California that brings in high-end scouts and coaches from all over North America. I wouldn't be skating in the USHL if it wasn't for Jack Bowkus organizing this event and giving me the exposure I needed to go to the next level". 

        - J.D. Peterson / University Alaska Fairbanks


You receive many opportunities from this camp and if you want to go to the next level, this camp will help. Its help you be seen by a lot of scouts but not only junior scouts, college as well, and its defiantly one of the best camps around".

        - Darren Nowick  Northern Michigan University 



"Great opportunity to evaluate players down here and look to bring them up north."

 - Kent Lewis / GM, Powel River Kings  BCHL


“The talent in the camp and the kids is the reason why the scouts come down here. California kids have really made a name of themselves.”

 - Marcus Burnell /  Scout, Cedar Rapids  USHL


“The caliber of hockey here in California is outstanding!”

 - Kevein Hasselberg / GM, Battleford N Stars  SJHL

"The Cali Camp provides a great environment for players to compete against the best players from the region. Players have the opportunity to showcase their game in front of scouts from multiple junior leagues and colleges. California hockey is getting stronger each year and it is an honor to be part of Cali Prospects Camp."

   - Doug Leaverton / Scout, USA Hockey NDTP

"The Cali Camp has been one of our most successful recruiting tools in getting US kids to come to Salmon Arm Silverbacks of the BCHL. The talent level and professionalism of the camp is second to none as Jack and his staff put on a first class event every year. We look forward to coming back again this year."

   - Troy Mick  / Salmon Arm Silverbacks  BCHL


Ray Bowkus 

John Bowkus

Brian McDonough

Nick Vashon

Helen Alex

Christian Souto

Stefan Desjardins

Zara  Jamani 

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