Dear Player,


The Sixth Annual Cali Prospects Camp is here!  April 19-21, 2013 

In order to maintain the highest quality camp environment possible, we have targeted the top prospects throughout California.  We urge you to respond quickly upon receiving your invitation.  There are only a total of 100 spots available.

Please know, that all players applying to Cali Prospects Camp are not guaranteed a spot in the camp. We will conduct a draft on April 10 to make sure all the teams are balanced. In the case a player is not accepted, a full refund will be returned to the applicant. If accepted, a confirmation letter will e mailed to each player indicating that his application and deposit has been processed. Detailed information regarding the camp will follow.

Proudly sponsored by Easton Hockey, Cali Prospects Camp is looking forward to a great weekend of elite level hockey, where both players and organizations benefit.  Our 2012 Cali Camp included scouts from the following organizations:

Each player will be guaranteed 4 high intensity, fast paced games. Upon registration, all players will be drafted, in an NHL draft-like format.  Coaches will draft players from a "draft board", where they will choose 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, and 9 forwards.  After each game, scouts will choose a "player of the game", whereby that player is acknowledged.

Soon after the draft, you will receive an e mail stating your assigned team and game schedule. 

Players and parents are also invited to a seminar that will be conducted by the NCAA, USHL, BCHL, NAHL and WHL leagues.  This is a special opportunity to hear about the route that each player can take, and the pros and cons that come with each decision. 


With the rising interest in the talent that Southern California is producing, we are extremely fortunate to have these Scouts, Coaches and Organizations coming to us.....don't miss this opportunity to showcase yourself.





Jack Bowkus

Cali Prospects Camp Showcase